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Student research Project and master thesis

The Division of Concrete Construction provides different scientific and practise-oriented topics for student research projects and master theses .

It covers inter alia:

  • Analysis of application potential of reinforced concrete frameworks
  • Load-bearing behaviour of a micro-reinforced high-performance concrete
  • Proof of the shear force of reinforced concrete components with circular and circular ring cross-section
  • Recalculation of existing buildings (e.g. Proof of shear force and fatigue)
  • Reinforcement measures of existing bridges
  • Durability analysis for existing bridges (especially with regard to fatigue)
  • Structure of a database of endurance test (normal-, high- and ultra-high performance concrete)
  • Statistical and numerical evaluation of endurance tests
  • Fatigue behavior of prestressing steel / prestressed concrete components
  • Bond behavior of reinforcing and prestressing steel under tension stress
  • Expansion behavior of concrete under compression- or tension stress
  • Theoretical and numerical investigations to develop the stress ratio in cross section of a prestressed concrete girder under fatigue load
  • Time-dependent development of crack widths of reinforced concrete components
  • Creep bahavior of normal and high-performance concrete
  • Influence of fibre distribution and -orientation on the material properties of UHPC
  • Dimensioning and structural design of concrete road plates
  • Construction of Concrete-Jacket-Foundations for offshore wind turbines
  • Load-bearing behavior of segment joints under combined, dynamic stress
  • Use of „modular“-systems for reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete bridges
  • Use and properties of mortars in butt joints between precast columns
  • Dimensioning of steel- / prestressed concrete structures
  • etc.

Detailed Information on the subjects are available in our department.

If you are interested, come and see us in the Concrete Construction Pavilion (Beethovenstraße 52) during the consultation hours on Thursdays from 10:00 to 12:00.


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