Main Research

The Division of Concrete Construction focuses on the following fields:

  • Development and application of high-performance concrete

Concrete with outstanding properties is termed "high-performance concrete". These properties can be the very high impermeability, the very high resistance to physical and chemical effects and the high to very high strength or ductility. In the Division of Concrete Construction such concretes are getting developed for use in components.

  • Life-Cycle-Engineering

In contrast to the actual state of a component or a construction, the "Life-Cycle-Engineering" allows to determine the costs for the entire life expectancy. The instruments required - like mathematical tools, numeric models, measurement etc. - are used combined in the Division of Concrete Construction to ensure the application in practise for the future.

  • Design and construction

The standardization and committee work in an international environment is continually increasing by harmonising of the european standards. The Disvision of Concrete Construction participates proactively in this process. Due to our extensive research work, it is possible to verify the facility and limits of constructions and to convey application oriented in practice.