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Cyclic behaviour of natural flax fabric reinforced polymer tube encased natural fibre reinforced concrete bridge pier

Master Thesis

The use of plant-based natural fibres will be beneficial for the development of environmentally-friendly construction and building materials with high energy efficiency and lower carbon footprint. Most recent studies show that natural flax fibre reinforced polymer (FFRP) tube encased fibre reinforced concrete (FRC) structure (termed as FFRP-FRC), exhibits excellent static structural performance superior to conventional steel reinforced concrete structures in the aspects of structural mass, energy dissipation capability, load carrying capacity, ductility and damping characteristics. In this FFRP-FRC hybrid system, the pre-fabricated flax fabric/epoxy composite tube serves as permanent formwork for fresh concrete and provides confinement to concrete to increase its strength and ductility. In addition, the pre-fabricated tube can protect the concrete from outer aggressive environments, thus increases the durability of concrete. Natural fibres as reinforcement within concrete are used to reduce concrete cracks and eventually modify the failure mode of the structure from brittle to ductile. In this thesis, the seismic performance of FFRP-FRC column as bridge pier will be investigated by the lateral cycling loading test. Recommendation for future design of the seismic-resistant hybrid structure will be given.

The tasks include:

  • Manufacturing FFRP-FRC concrete column specimens
  • Evaluation axial compressive behaviour of FFRP-FRC cylinders
  • Performing lateral cycling test of FFRP-FRC columns
  • Evolution of energy dissipation in hysteretic curves
  • Evaluation of equivalent damping
  • Evaluation bond behaviour between flax FRP and concrete
  • Data analysis of experimental data

Knowledge of composite materials and concrete structures; knowledge of bridge engineering; mathematical skills; English language - communication skills; Self-motivation.

The final thesis report can be written in English or in German. Because the mentor speaks only English, it is most useful for the student, to speak al least some English.

Qualified candidates have the opportunity to be promoted to research assistant with proper grants.