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Morphology and improved fire retardancy of natural flax fibre reinforced polymer composites

Bachelor Thesis

The use of plant-based natural fibres will be beneficial for the development of environmentally-friendly composite materials with high energy efficiency and lower carbon footprint. Natural fibre reinforced polymer composites (i.e. flax fabric) have the potential to be used as strengthening systems for concrete, wooden and masonry structures and as materials of components for automotive engineering. The lack of data related to fire behaviour is a major challenge that needed to be addressed prior to the widespread acceptance of natural fibre reinforced polymer composites for practical engineering application. This bachelor thesis will investigate the fire retardancy and morphology of natural flax fabric reinforced polymer composites and the improvement techniques.

The tasks include:

  • Literature review of techniques to improve fire retardancy of natural fibres
  • Thermal stability of FFRP composites by thermogravimetric analysis (TGA)
  • Flammability of flax fibres and fabrics using cone calorimetry technique
  • Fire test of FFRP composites, i.e. limiting oxygen index (LOI), horizontal and vertical tests
  • Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectra analysis of FFRP
  • Morphology analysis of FFRP composites using scanning electronic microscope (SEM)

Knowledge of chemical and material science; Basic knowledge of different testing machines mentioned above; English language - communication skills; Self-motivation

The final thesis report can be written in English or in German. Because the mentor speaks only English, it is most useful for the student, to speak al least some English.