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Can plant-based natural fibres replace synthetic fibres in structural composites? A case study in civil engineering

Bachelor Thesis

In recent years, the use of plant-based bio-fibres to replace synthetic glass or carbon fibres as reinforcement materials in fibre reinforced polymer composites for engineering applications has gained popularity due to an increasing environmental concern and requirement for developing sustainable materials. Previous study shows that natural flax fabric reinforced polymer composite can be used as strengthening systems for concrete structures. In this thesis, the strengthening performance of flax fibre reinforced polymer composites and glass/carbon fibre reinforced polymer composites on concrete structures will be studied and compared.

The tasks include:

  • Manufacturing natural and synthetic fibre reinforced polymer strengthened concrete structures
  • Experimental tests of these composite and the concrete specimens
  • Data analysis of the experiments

Knowledge of concrete and composite materials; English language - communication skills; Self-motivation

The final thesis report can be written in English or in German. Because the mentor speaks only English, it is most useful for the student, to speak al least some English.