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Organic Materials: Plant-based Natural Fibre Reinforcements in Construction

(Summer Semester 2016 - cancelled)

Organic Materials: Plant-based Natural Fibre Reinforcements in Construction (*)

This course is designed for Master students in architecture, civil or mechanical engineering and will be held in English.

The use of cost-effective and green plant-based fibre reinforcements as building materials will be a significant step to achieve the construction with sustainability. The course will focus on use, characterization and design of green building materials and structures with plant-based natural fibres (e.g. flax, coir, hemp) used in natural fibre reinforced polymer (NFRP) composites and natural fibre reinforced cementitious (NFRC) composites. Structure and mechanical properties of fibres, mechanical properties of NFRP and NFRC, design of hybrid structure combing NFRP and NFRC, strengthening of conventional construction structures with NFRP, durability of NFRP and NFRC, degradation mechanism and modifications of fibres will be taught. Students will learn about relevant physical, chemical and mechanical properties of organic construction materials and acquire in-depth knowledge about raw materials, properties, manufacturing, and design of sustainable natural fibre reinforcements and their composites as well as their hybrid structures for construction.


(*) This course is part of the module “Organic and Wood-based Construction Materials”


Lecturer: Univ. Jun.-Prof. Dr. L. Yan
Organic and Wood-based Construction Materials
Tel.: +49 531 22077-25   

Date: Friday 9:45 - 11:15 h - starting October 21. 2016
Room: RR 58.4, Rebenring 58-58b
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