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Concepts, student research projects and master theses

The Division of Building Materials of the iBMB offers tasks for conceptual design, research projects and master theses in the fields of building material technology and building preservation.

The topics are assigned according to 2 principles, whereby principle I indicate a deviation (only in exceptional cases).

II. Further topics upon consultation (exceptional case)


  • Consider your own topic or intended way of working & scope of work and, if necessary, organize them beforehand (preliminary discussions with companies, etc.)
  • Establishing contact with the appropriate person in the respective area of specialization
  • If necessary, clarification of questions in advance by email or an arrangement for a meeting
  • Deciding on a specific topic in joint deliberations

Contact persons

  • Contact person for the assignment of task in the field of building material technology is Dr.-Ing. Thorsten Leusmann (
  • Contact person for the assignment of task in the field of building preservation is Dr.-Ing. Hans-W. Krauss (

Possible working practices (exemplary)

  • Laboratory investigations on various topics
  • Development / validation of laboratory experiments & testing facilities
  • Literature research on various topics
  • Evaluation and analysis of experimental results
  • Modelling (analytical, numerical)
  • Numerical simulation, FEM, etc.
  • (Combination of above mentioned cases)

Possible topics

  • Technology of concrete additives and admixtures
  • Technology of sustainable (additive-rich) concretes
  • Technology of shotcrete concrete
  • Technology of alkaline-activated binders
  • Post-strengthening of reinforced concrete structures
  • Non-destructive testing methods
  • Computed tomography of inorganic building materials
  • Equipment development and validation
  • Structural hygiene
  • Rheological properties of building materials
  • Microstructure development and the kinetics of hydration of building materials


Subject to availability, topics in exceptional cases are offered after prior consultation or joint deliberation of a suitable task. Topics from the current list of current tasks are given priority.

It cannot be guaranteed, that tasks relating to the aforementioned working methods or the aforementioned topics will be issued at a specified date.

Type of student projects

As guidelines for working on student projects in the field of building materials and reinforced concrete construction, besides our assistance in positioning citations in scientific work (only available in German), kindly allude to the following documents.