Support and Consulting

The Division of Building Materials supports you in questions regarding building material technologies as well as in the solution of structural problems. A broad and well-founded expertise in experimental and numerical investigations provide the basic qualifications to offer high-level support and consulting. Because of the close cooperation with the Material Testing Institute (MPA Braunschweig), it is possible to carry out various technically complex investigations and experiments.

Concrete recipes (formulations) and binders

For special concrete construction tasks, special concretes and concrete formulations are needed. The field encompasses the development of suitable concrete formulations, the investigation of the effect of concrete admixtures and additives as well as other binders and components formulation.

Concrete damages

Is a crack in concrete harmful or not?

We are able to analyse and detect the causes of the cracking, with the support of the materials testing institute. Furthermore, we advise in the selection of any necessary restructuring.

Long-term monitoring

We carry out structural state analysis on concrete components using the most modern methods. We provide technical consulting on the selection and installation of the appropriate sensor technology as well as the associated preparation and evaluation of the data if the structural condition and its development are recorded over a longer period of time.

Restraint and residual stresses in the concrete

Hydration heat can lead to a temperature rise, strain, restraint stresses and cracks, which can impair the durability and functionality of the structure, particularly in the case of water-impermeable or massive concrete constructions. To reduce the risk of cracking, various approaches are available. We assist in the selection of the right methods, from concrete selection as a first step to numerical simulations of temperature and stress development and finally the assessment of the effectiveness of special crack preventing methods.

Masonry and historic building

We have many years of experience in assessing and investigating damage to masonry and historic structures. In addition to the investigation and damage analysis, we accompany the selection and review the success of the remedial methods.

Material experiments and structural component tests

We are determining properties of building materials applied to structural components by means of experiments through planning, implementation and evaluation. For example, we carry out all necessary experimental tests to approve externally bonded reinforcements for the strengthening of structural components.